5 Sanity Tips For New Mom

Becoming a stay at home mother is one of the greatest feelings known to womanhood! It is exciting to know that you are going to raise your own child hands on in the home and be able to enjoy them too! You are excited to change their diapers, wash them, coo to them, teach them, hold them and love them, exactly what you are suppose to feel for your children. But then something happens, you start to become weary and tired, then suddenly all of it can just seem to be too much! The overwhelming dread of being woke up in the middle of the night to tend to your hungry, unhappy child; you start to feel like a failure, as if you are not doing your “job” as a mother correctly. By now you have started to feel a bit unappreciated by everyone and it is magnified because of your sleep deprivation. You are not alone! This is the most common situational struggle that a new stay at home mother goes through. It feels like it will never end, but believe me it does! Below is a list of 5 Tips that helped me as a stay at home mother and can help you too! 1.) Always remember the saying “This too shall pass”: I remember my mother telling me this and at the time I did not believe her but she was right, it did! 2.) Communicate to your loved ones how you are feeling even if it means complaining and seems depressing. You will soon learn they felt the same way when they were in a new mother and you will not feel alone! 3.) If someone asks how they can help, give them suggestions. Anyone who has taken the time to ask how they can help you truly wants to be of help to you! I was too much of a martyr, when people would ask me, I would respond with “I am fine” or “I don’t need anything”, but really felt the opposite and eventually shot myself in the foot when it came to receiving any help. When someone takes the time to ask you what they can do for you, let them know! Put a list together and take advantage of the assistance while you have it. 4.) Asking for help is a hard thing to do. It is easier when someone suggests some help, but if no one offers a hand, you need to ask. Asking for help is important and essential to do before you are already feeling overwhelmed. If you can utilize the assistance of others, you will be better off on the end. 5.) Don’t forget about yourself. You need some time to reflect alone and it is not selfish to do this once in a while. Learn to treat yourself here and there and you will a much happier sleep deprived mother! All in all, motherhood is the greatest joy there is! If you can practice these 5 suggestions you will be on your way to becoming a satisfied stay at home mother who is filled with joy and laughter every single day!

Working Mom, Super Mom – Is There Really A Difference?

Lately, it seems that everyone wants to accomplish something, just look at sites like www.43things.com. The ambitions posted on these sites run the gamut from wanting to get more organized to traveling the world to earning more money. If you are a working mother, you know you are just as ambitious as everyone else out there. You also know that your career is the vehicle to achieving those aspirations. Unfortunately, you probably feel like you are barely able to keep your head above water much less establish any professional goals beyond bringing home a paycheck. Complicating matters even further, working mothers have hurdles to jump that their counterparts probably don’t even have on their radar. Working mothers have two jobs – being a mother and being an employee. There is no way to keep your family life from seeping into work. You may be able to leave your work at the office but you can’t ever completely leave your family at home. How many times have you left work early to take a sick child to the doctor or to attend a parent-teacher conference? Do you feel like you have to ‘sneak’ out of the office right at five o’clock (whether your work is finished or not) so your child won’t be the last one picked up at after-school care – again? Do you feel like your commitment to the company and your career is being questioned when you put your family first? As if all of this juggling isn’t tiring enough, the second shift begins as soon as your “outside the home” job ends. There is dinner, homework, little league, dance class, scouts, and on and on and on. Another equally important challenge you face is the delicate task of having to weigh each decision you make between the needs of your family and the good of your career. Do you entertain clients or have drinks with the boss after work or do you go to your son’s baseball game? Do you apply for the promotion that will relocate your family across the country or do you put your career on the back burner until the kids are grown? There is never an easy choice and I bet you tend to second guess your decisions and feel guilty no matter what choice you make. In fact, I would guess that there isn’t another segment of the population who feels as much guilt as working mothers. Let’s face it, mothers work because they need to – either they need the income, they need to fulfill their desire to work, and/or they feel the need to provide a better life for their children than is possible on one income. But, if you are stressed out, always on the run, and don’t have quality time to spend with your kids, is having a career fulfilling that need or is it causing undue hardship on your family? This is one of those times when it pays to do it right. If you are going to work, shouldn’t it be for a career that is rewarding, both intrinsically and financially and that also allows you to enjoy your family life? For working mothers, life is exhausting (as if I need to tell you)! You are constantly being pulled in multiple directions, expected to perform miracles that few could accomplish, and take care of everyone around you – all without dropping a single ball and a smile on your face. And somehow, we manage to pull it off, day after day. Not always with a smile and occasionally a ball or two drops, but the ship stays afloat – even if it means that your own goals get sidelined. But wouldn’t it be great if it wasn’t so difficult? It is possible to have it all – a great career and a meaningful family life – without having to work even harder than you already do. The key to success lies in: Prioritizing. What comes first, right now? How do you know where to focus your attention if you don’t know what is most important? Finding time for those priorities. How do you fit it all in– time for your family, your career, and yourself – without sacrificing? Goal setting. How will you know what direction to go in if you haven’t established solid goals? You’ll quickly wear yourself out running in circles. Do you know what you want out of life, personally, professionally and financially? Planning. A comprehensive plan to achieve your goals will keep you focused and on the right track. Making choices that are aligned with your priorities. This is the number one key to eliminating your guilt and feeling good about your decisions. Surrounding yourself with a supportive community. Have you ever noticed that when you are around people who are drowning in misery that they bring you down with them? The opposite holds true, as well. If you surround yourself with people who are positive, goal-oriented, and supportive, your attitude soars and the possibilities really are endless. A rolodex full of resources. No one can, or should try, to do it alone. Having access to resources that can pick up where you want to leave off makes all the difference in the world. By taking these steps, you are empowering yourself. You are taking control of a chaotic situation that will result in a positive, meaningful life and a career that is both rewarding and affords the lifestyle that you want – all with less stress and guilt. That means a better mom for your kids, a better partner for your significant other, and a happier YOU. Your Assignment: The first step to taking control of the chaos is to prioritize. What is most important to you right now? Is it finding more balance between work and family? Making more money? Spending more time with your kids and significant other? Whatever is at the top of your list, come up with three action steps you can take to get closer to your goals. Keep your priorities at the top of your mind at all times and you will see that your decision making process will get easier and the guilt you struggle with will begin to fade.

Diaper Coupons – Money Saving Tips for Parents

It’s a fact that raising a baby is quite expensive for every parent these days. Let us just check all of the money included. Firstly, the baby food is not the normal food, but special baby food is what adds to your expenses and babies do eat a good amount. After that we need to pay for classes, as well as toys so the baby may develop, and next we really need to pay out for diapers! Also, you cant gnore the high cost of diapers and this is what we will discuss in this article on how can you save money by getting cheap diapers.

Your first believed when trying to save money is to purchase the least expensive diapers obtainable. I am sure many first time parents have made this mistake. If you do this then you can land up with leaks, messes, as well as plenty of discomfort. Save yourself the hassle and get a good quality brand

What are the best diapers?

Generally, countless parent believe that Huggies and Pampers are the best diapers available. They are versatile as well as absorbing, however now you learn which diapers you should certainly purchase, you should certainly find out how to save money .

Where to find Huggies coupons and Pampers Coupons

Searching for diaper coupons is a good method to save money when it comes to becoming a dad or mom. You will definitely find some places where you can get diaper coupons. If you are hunting for coupons to show and receive a number of good places to look are parenting magazines, classifieds (in the family section) as well as in store fliers. The other most effective way to get Huggies and Pampers coupons is to look on the internet.

Printable Diaper Coupons

When looking for printable diaper coupons the best place to look is online. There are a few good sites that post the coupons on a normal basis , and moreover, you can browse the company website to check some promotional coupons for their diapers.

Savings For Child Financially Prepares Them For Their Future

In a day where people are predicting the second depression, guardians worry about how their children will survive in a financially starved society. They remember their own youth. The emotional angst they underwent when they embarked into the real world and realized how much surviving cost. To prepare their children, guardians want to give a financial grounding. So they open savings for child, teaching them the importance of saving for future expenditures.

The decision about how early guardians should open accounts for children lies with the guardians. If they provide the children with an allowance, they may consider opening an account at ages five or six. At ages twelve and thirteen, children may begin performing chores around the neighborhood, such as babysitting or mowing the lawn, and need a place to hold their compensation. Only the caregivers can decide when their children are ready to learn about savings accounts.

Establishing a savings account requires parents to speak with a bank representative, such as at Wells Fargo or Bank of America. At the meeting, they will sign papers which verify their responsibility in paying funds the children may potentially overdraw. The bank will not be held responsible for children learning how to balance their accounts.

Once the papers are signed, a deposit must be made to the new account. The deposit amounts differ for each bank, but Bank of America requests $100. The guardians must pay the fee if the adolescents cannot.

After opening accounts for children, parents should consider ways to teach them how and why they should save. For example, they can explain to the children household financial expenditures. Clarifying how they pay expenses with money they earn from working. Additionally, they can inform their teenage children, who have part time jobs, on the necessity of saving for unexpected emergencies and hidden taxes. Most importantly, they should instruct them to not spend their money loosely, but to try and save some from every payment.

Save children from future hardships. Take time to inform them how to create a budget, apportioning some funds to pay bills and other funds to save. Within enough time, and a high enough interest payment rate, the children will have a strong financial grounding. To ensure children are emotionally and physically secure for their future, open a savings for child now and watch as they enter into the world and achieve their dreams.

Save & Enrich a Teenage Life While Pregnancy

Try for family planning is really very exciting news & more intensive caring feelings are not only providing world’s happiness to women but also every family member. If it is her first time then there is no doubt in careful dealing for her, in all totals we can say that makes her happy.

When women become pregnant after her marriage then it is so exciting news for everybody, but if she become pregnant without marry then this news really feel her guilty. She doesn’t want to share this news with her family cause on that time she may hurt by anyone. She may have feelings of being out of control and feelings of fear. But at this critical time she can take help from her most trustworthy person, she can easily share with that person doctor, friend or family member. We can’t deny from any teenage pregnancy that this stage is very worse for her and she must suffer from all tortures, depression, guiltiness, etc. But to take care of her through a best physician and a trustworthy person is really a great dealing to save her life. In caring of a best physician can get pregnancy advice and full health care advice.

She has the option for her pregnancy – to get a healthy baby or abortion. But keeping her mind cool and she should think carefully about her life and a caring baby. It’s really a great dealing for her.

If she doesn’t want to continue her pregnancy she can take decisions according to the stage of her pregnancy, some options are open for her:

She may plan for abortion in caring of her physician which can be done within 49 days from the first day of your last menstrual period. At this time a drug is given by her physician and that drug causes the fetus not to develop or deport.

Menstrual aspiration can be done 1-3 weeks after cessation of the menstrual cycle, and a syringe to remove the lining of the uterus during pregnancy.

Suck curettage may be up to 12 weeks of pregnancy. Inspected by a qualified health content of the uterus is removed through a suction device is inserted into the uterus. After 12 weeks of pregnancy, this procedure can be called a “dilation and evacuation.”

Labor abortion induction is used for abortions late in pregnancy. Drugs put into the vagina and uterus or injected intravenously.

But if she doesn’t want to take help of these mentioned options then she has one more option after giving birth to a baby and can place for adoption. Put that baby in orphanage for caring. But this task is really very hard hearted and makes her feeling less, no attachment for that baby and just leaves that baby in orphanage.

Everybody will suggest her to save her life but ultimate decision is in her hand. Taking care of the child has a lot of work and responsibility, which can enrich one’s life in ways they never imagined possible.

We can’t deny from this fact that a baby really change ones whole life forever.

Parenting Tips For Mothers – Being the Best Mummy

Learning, mentoring, tutoring and parenting. Out of these activities, parenting is the most responsible and toughest job in the world because children never fail to imitate parents and nobody is blessed with mothering skills naturally. Mistakes do happen but trust yourself as you know more than what you think to do.

In this wonderful world, many mothers with years of experience are available to tutor a mom on how to take care of her baby. You can find few Parenting Tips For Mothers here.

1. Give your child the freedom to choose. This helps your child to inculcate good habits. For example, if he refuses to brush his teeth, let him choose a fancy tooth brush so that he tries to brush with it.

2. Set a code for a bad habit. Utter the bad word loudly when your child is doing so. Then reward you child with a sweet surprise gift for not doing anything bad for that day. This helps in avoiding bad habits.

3. Teach your child practicing relaxation techniques like yoga. This makes them stay strong and pleasant.

4. Appreciate your child for his good behavior. This helps him to learn and succumb to good habits.

5. Stay patient. This is the most important tip that every mother has to keep in her mind while she is trying to break her child’s bad habit. Reason out and explain clearly why bad habits are not to be followed. You can find number of experiences of a mother online that can best help you in parenting you child in the best possible way.

Before everything, what matters the most is the health of the family. Mother takes the sole responsibility of taking care of the entire family’s health. If you struggle to get your family to eat healthy meals, then you need not to worry anymore. There are quite a large number of Mom Healthy Recipe Blogs that help you deal with the healthy recipes that find a place on your dining table. You can makeover the meals every day with a new variety each time. It helps your family especially; your kid gets all the nutrients and proteins induced into their bodies.

You might be a working mom or home maker, but you have to deal with the family’s health. This can be simplified with the best Mommy Food Tips Blogs available on the internet. Always prepare a dish with different recipe each time. This helps you to convince your family that you have created a dish that has to be appreciated by them.

Tips for new moms-take care of your baby by taking care of yourself

There is nothing in the world like holding your child for the first time. Becoming a new mom is a heart-opening experience, and an honor to be cherished each day.

It can also be overwhelming. You’re trying to adjust to a new schedule and to new demands and responsibilities from that beautiful little life in your care. You are bound together, especially in those first few months, and your baby will pick up on your moods and your rhythms. Here are a few tips to help you make life with baby as a new mom less stressful:

Work on your patience: You will need a lot of patience as you adjust to the needs of your little one. Taking some long, slow breaths – just three breaths, for instance, when you’re starting to feel anxious – works wonders for many new moms. Remember that your baby is learning everything for the first time. Their reactions can be unpredictable and it may take a while to figure out how to give comfort. It can be a tough job altogether, requiring lots of flexibility and loads of patience. Remember to breathe.

Let your baby tell you what she needs: Instead of forcing a schedule on a newborn, feel out her needs for a few days. Let her eat on-demand without applying an “every two hour” schedule. She may need to eat more often than that, especially in the first few weeks. (And remember that, as she grows, her needs will change.)

Get some sleep: Lack of sleep might be one of the most difficult parts of new motherhood because of the effects on your health, your stamina, your patience, and your baby. For breast-feeding moms sleep is also critical for milk production. So if baby goes down for a morning snooze, follow suit and lie down no matter what chores might be calling for your attention. Even if you don’t actually fall asleep, the downtime will replenish you.

Be aware of your mood: If you are feeling frustrated, take a time out at the first opportunity. Get some help from a family member or friend or, if your baby will tolerate it, put him in the crib or another safe spot and take a 10-minute breather. (If that’s impossible, then take three breaths, and three more, and three more, etc. Focus on getting your attention away from the frustration.) Remember, if you’re stressed, your baby will pick up on your tension. Your newborn will be very sensitive to your mood each day.

Have a support network: It is very difficult to raise a new baby without a source of support. For many, that support is the family and friends living with them. But even if you are a single mom, you can build a support network by taking “mommy and me” classes, or locating other nearby support groups. There are many books about how to raise a newborn, but no book was written for your exact situation. Being able to vent or talk through situations will allow you to grow with your child.

Listen to your gut: Some advice is spot on, and others not-so-much. As a new mom, you may get more advice on how to raise your child than you ever hoped to hear. Take it in, but listen to your gut. Ultimately, you know your baby and your own needs best. Listen to your child’s clues and your own instincts.

The joy of motherhood is not a myth. The reality is even better than words can describe. This time with your baby will seem to fly by, so make the most of it by following the tips, above. Taking better care of yourself will help you take better care of your babe, with more time and energy to cherish precious moments.

Free Targeted Traffic

Ok, so here’s the thing. Somebody said you should start your own home business.You need to start developing residual income. So you took the plunge and signed up as an affiliate with XYZ company. You found out they give you a website with a url that you are supposed to market so you can sell products or sign other people up with. The only problem is the url is big and long and not search engine friendly. Don’t get discouraged with your new online business. You have a couple of choices here.So you did some research and you heard it was a good thing to have a website. After checking into it with various website building companies you discovered this can be a bit of a bottomless money pit and you weren’t sure about this route. After all you haven’t even made your first sale yet.

Sadly I have watched this happen a few times. People who are naive spend a whole bunch of money setting up a website only to find they can’t afford it in the long run and two months down the road they are gone. The truth is an internet business is not an overnight thing.In the beginning of your journey you are going to have to wade through a river of bald face liars to get to what really works or what the truth really is. Every time you hear phrases like “make a thousand a day ” or “we do all the work” or even”we will generate $100,000 in business for you or your money back” you ought to take a step back and slap yourself across the face(like Jim Carey did in the washroom of his movie Liar Liar) because that’s how it is going to feel when you sucker for any of these ploys. Ask yourself when you go to work everyday if everyone else does all the work for you. Not a chance! Only if you live in the twilight zone. We get to believing that the internet is somehow different than the real world and it just isn’t.

Alright enough rambling and babbling. If you have a little work ethic I am going to lay it out for you with long range thinking. This is how you can be thrifty in the process of establishing a web presence over time.

#1 Get a blog instead of a website. What’s a blog you ask? It’s a journal or diary or a web log about yourself. The possibilities are endless but you are going to use it for your affiliate business. Why? Because it absolutely FREE to get one. You can put your big long affiliate link in the back office of your blog and people will only see the title you give it. A blog will do everything that a website will and the search engines love them because search engines are looking for good quality content. The one I use is http://www.blogger.com. and I am set up with the new blogger. Recently they have made some changes to their whole set up and it really is amazing now. There are a bunch of templates to choose from and you can change the template,colors,fonts, pictures, links, banners..etc every ten minutes if you wanted. Also you will be able to pick a domain name that the search engines will pick up on. It will look like this http://whateveryouwant.blogspot.com. Take your time and pick a good name.

#2 Next you are going to learn to write articles and join article submission companies. Don’t let this scare you. It is easier than you think. They can be about anything you feel confident talking about. Stay at home moms can write about child raising. Men can write about good fishing techniques. It doesn’t matter what type of articles you write about. What matters is the link you put in your articles that direct people back to your blog site. It is a little box called “resource box” or “about the author”. You are going to post your articles with articles directories and on your blog site. Set a goal for yourself. Weekly I will join 3 article submission companies and write one article. Something according to the time you have to work every week. Every time you post to your blog you are going to use a little tool called pingomatic.com/ which simply lets the search engines know you have a new post. After a little while you will get the viral effect going as people start sharing your articles. You’ll be amazed how effective this is.

#3 You are also going to be able to do link exchanges with other sites. Go to Google and punch in “link exchange with other websites” or anything along those lines. You will have a few million possibilities to choose from. After you pick one in your back office (or dashboard area)of your blog you will see posts,settings,layout. Click on layout. Then click add a page element. Then you will see html/javascript which is where you will paste any html you have copied from sites you want to link with. Don’t do too many as this will make your blog look tacky. This is also where you paste banners from your affiliate back office. Paste it here and there it is on your blog. Simple! Now you are getting hits from other sites.

#4 Another way of getting free targeted hits to your new blog(and of course your affiliate site which is on your blog)is to participate in forums. All the articles sites I suggested earlier have forums on them also you can join or once again punch “discussion business forums” or “message board about marketing” into Google. In your profile area (on these article sites or message boards)you will have a box called signature. This is where you put your blog url. Some of them have codes to make them click able when you post but you’ll figure it out. Usually it means putting [URL] in front of your blog url and something similar at the back.Once you figure it out start posting to these discussions and don’t be afraid to ask questions. But be sincere and don’t say anything too offensive. This is of course another way to get your link out there in cyberspace. These discussions don’t go away and it’s like they are trapped in time for future surfers. Set a goal like 2 posts a day and watch what happens over a month or two. If your affiliate program has key code tracking you will be able to see where your hits are coming from.

So there are a few solid ways I bet you didn’t know about. Pace yourself financially before you start your own home business.This is a learning curve that takes time. Get going and remember we eat an elephant one bite at a time.

Great Points About Dating Girls

For many guys, dating girls can be a nerve wrecking experience. Although everyone does it, not everyone loves it. And if you are ever going to find the special one, whether you enjoy dating or find it stressful and horrible, you have to do it. Nevertheless, some mundane behavior must be avoided to make a good impression and have a successful date. So, here is some advice for you.

The most important point to remember when dating girls is “Girls are not guys”. Also keep in mind the following important points:

Immaturity- Keep in mind that for most girls is not fun to make noises by placing their hands under their armpits and acting like a winged creature. Even if they are drunk, they might not accept that childish behavior. Save this conduct for guy’s night.

Conquest brag- Your past relationships should stay in the PAST. Who thinks it is cool to brag about your previous relationship conquests? Right, only guys do. Though being greeted by a few girls show that you are desirable or sociable, they do not think it is great to have their guy greeted by every woman in the place. Take her to a different spot just to be safe and never, mention your ex.

Dress code- First impressions are very important and looking like a bum may sabotage dating women. So, wear your ratty old jeans after you know she is really yours. Trust me on this one. Maybe later – way later, like after the kids become teenagers – it will be okay for this kind of thing to happen. But for now: take a shower, put on something nice like khakis and a pullover shirt, and have flowers in hand instead of greasy fast food. Why take stupid chances?

Thriftiness- Although you might be experiencing rough economical times, do not make your penny-pinching attitude so obvious. They do not love it when their date pulls out buy-one-get-one-free coupons at the restaurant cash register. I even like bargains myself, but use those freebies when you go out with your mom (who will love your thriftiness) or your best buddy (who wouldn’t notice or care how you paid). Don’t make your date think that she is not worth full price.

Body relieves- Please, that’s plain rude on your early dates. Burping and farting contests are not interesting or amusing to them. Be plainly inconsiderate and she will be gone like a lightning. Again, save it for football night with the frat brothers.

Considering the above things about dating girls will take you beyond anything else when it comes to having a great time on your dates. Remembering above points about dating girls will also allow you to get more than one date with the same lady. There are lots of people who will offer you lots of advice about dating women, and even some who will simply say, “Be yourself.” If your behavior consists of some of the points mentioned, then, that would be bad advice.

Simple Frugal Living Ideas

Many people today believe being frugal is the same as being ‘cheap’ – maybe because the young folks see it as an old fashioned word. However, I beg to differ.

In my grand-parents days during the Great Depression, being frugal is a virtue, and necessary in order to survive. Today, being frugal is coming back in vogue!

Here’s what my dictionary defines frugal as:

1. not wasteful; thrifty

2. inexpensive or meager.

The current global economic downturn demands that we cultivate a frugal lifestyle, making the most of our assets and cash flow. If being frugal is something new to you, here are a few suggestions to get the most bang for your buck without sacrificing your lifestyle too much.

If you scrutinize your monthly bills, you’d probably discover that your utility bills top the list of expenses. In better times, most of us didn’t think too much about turning off the heat, lights, TVs or computers when not in use. But today, remembering to switch off the lights, fans, etc will make a big difference. Like it or not, utility costs are through the roof.

Here’s a tip: Sit down with your family members make “switching off” into a game – each time someone turn off the TV or lights that someone else had left on, he or she will get a point. At the end of the month, the person with the most points will be rewarded.

Another power hungry convenient appliance is the microwave. It consumes a lot of electricity. If possible, use the stove top. Also, insulate the water heater. This will make it more power efficient. When doing laundry, fill the machine, avoid doing those small loads. Perhaps you could designate 2 or 3 days in a week as laundry days. (eg. Monday, wednesday and Saturday). This will ensure the machine is fully loaded. Also, remember to clean out the lint compartment after each use.

Getting your family members to buy into these energy saving strategies and forming new habits will go a long way in saving big dollars every month on your utility bills. This is the first step in living the frugal lifestyle.

Like everything else, food prices are on the rise as well. However, most grocery stores have weekly deals. If you plan menus around what is on sale this week and stock up on staples, such as bread, butter, coffee and sugar when they’re on sale, you will be able to save at least 30-40% on your monthly grocery bill. Using grocery coupons and rain checks on sale items will also increase your savings by another 10% or so.

I personally use a ‘price book’ – essentially a small notebook where I keep track of prices of various goods I buy. This enables me to know a good deal when I see it.

If you have kids, you know how fast they grow – in the space of a few months, they will be needing new shoes and clothes – most of which are still in excellent condition.

Instead of throwing them away, take these clothes to the local thrift and consignment shops and get cash or credit for them. Usually around 40%-50% of what the shop will sell to another frugal mom.

Now, you can use the money to get almost new clothes for your growing kids. While at these shops, you might also want to check out the adult selections for your own wardrobe. This tip alone can save you hundreds of dollars each year.

Here’s our final tip on living the frugal lifestyle – examine your monthly expenses and create a monthly budget. Save all your receipts and record them in a spreadsheet. This will allow you to evaluate your monthly expenses and see how you can further cut down. For example, if you see that a huge chunk is spent on dining out weekly, perhaps you can cut it down to bi-monthly.

Look at your expenses and see if you can’t downsize. It is easier when you have everything laid out before you on a spreadsheet.

As you can see, living the frugal lifestyle isn’t that difficult – all it takes is some discipline and some effort. But the rewards are huge! keep at it, and you will be on your way to living as well as you have been, but for lots less money!